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Become a Proficient Shooter with AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 steel targets are perfect for hunters, law enforcement officers and other shooting enthusiasts to hone their shooting skills and increase accuracy.

They are extremely resilient products made under beautiful craftsmanship using the highest grade materials. These targets are through hardened (Brinell Hardness of 500), abrasion resistant and last a lifetime. AR500 steel targets from are a very special steel and it can withstand repeated shots from bullets without damage.

AR500 steel targets are coated with white primer but you can paint it further with the color of your choice. They come in primarily three thicknesses:
1) 1/2″ AR500 – for rifles and heavy shooting club use
2) 3/8″ AR500 – for pistols and most rifles
3) 3/16″ AR500 – for 22lr and 9mm

To find a great place to shoot your steel targets check out they have a nice list of outdoor ranges for shooting fun.

Unlike other companies’ steel targets, these targets are not cut using heat. Plasma and laser cutting are typically used to cut steel this hard, but these cutting mechanisms can create a massive amount of heat which changes the entire properties of steel. This can make the steel targets prone to chipping and cracking. So, AR500 steel targets are cut using waterjets so that the strength of the targets are not affected. The shape and size of the targets are within very close tolerances and dimensions. Further, waterjetting creates a very smooth and precise cut leaving behind smooth edges and nice clean holes in the targets.

AR500 steel targets

Rolling Steel Targets Are Great Fun!

AR500 steel targets have been the best choice for hundreds of shooters. The targets move and sound off when hit so it is easy to see and hear hits. You can know right away what shots have hit the targets and what shots have missed. These targets increase shooter’s proficiency faster than the paper targets and with less ammunition. Bullets bounce right off the targets without damaging them. They last a lifetime if used properly.

While shooting with AR500 steel targets it is always precautionary to wear ear and eye protection. Also, you should never shoot the steel from closer than 15 yards. Once you start shooting AR500 steels, you won’t ever go back to those boring paper targets again!